Taurus offers cost-effective and eco-friendly production of ethanol

Taurus Energy AB is undertaking a large-scale commercial development project involving ethanol production. The research is being conducted, and has been conducted, by leading international scientists and has resulted in over 70 patents in 13 patent families so far.

Taurus Energy is providing a new method for production of ethanol from forestry and agricultural waste. The method, which is protected by 13 internationally-patented microbiological processes, makes it possible to produce ethanol using renewable raw materials that could not previously be utilised. Taurus Energy’s method represents major environmental gains, while also dramatically reducing the production costs for ethanol compared with existing methods.

Those responsible for the new method of ethanol production from forestry and agricultural waste are a research team consisting of prominent experts from eight countries. Since many different raw materials can be used – such as straw, stalks from maize and sunflowers, and waste material from forestry operations – the method can, in principle, be used by producers throughout the world.

Taurus Energy’s business concept is to license energy producers on a global market to use this method.

Ethanol as an engine fuel is rapidly gaining ground, in part as a result of rising oil prices and ever more stringent international environmental legislation. The global market for ethanol as an engine fuel is expected to soon total more than SEK 300 billion per year.

​The principal owner of Taurus Energy is Avanza Pension.

Taurus Energy is located at Chalmers Teknikpark, Gothenburg.