Taurus Energy: Taurus Energy and partners in tough competition awarded EU-financing for 2nd Generation Ethanol Project

The EU-Commission has awarded 20 million EURO in financing for the development of a strategically important 2nd generation ethanol demo plant in France. The award is shared with French production companies CIMV (group leader) and  ROLKEM, US enzyme maker DYADIC and Swedish TAURUS ENERGY as the yeast provider with its C5 fermentation technology.  The EU commission has granted 20 million  EURO for the project, of which 200 000 EURO goes to Taurus .The project is scheduled to run for 3 years at an estimated  total cost of 35 million EURO.

“We are pleased and honored to have been selected in tough competition for this important project. It will give us an opportunity to showcase our technology to the whole world,” says LarsWelin”

A new patented technology will be utilized in the planned demo plant. It can be described as an environmentally clean method which will separate lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose without causing damage to any of the ingredients and with a resulting higher yield of ethanol compared to known methods existing today.

It was in the fall 2014 that the consortium at the leadership of CIMV (Compagnie Industrielle de Matière Végétale) submitted an application to EU’s H 2020-program for assistance in the construction and running of a large scale demo plant to produce ethanol from biomass.

The project was given the designation 2G BIOPIC and with CIMV’s patented method the lignin will first be separated before the subsequent enzyme and fermentation steps will convert the hemicellulose and cellulose to ethanol. The lignin that is separated out in the process will be used by CIMV to produce various special chemicals.

“Today there are already several customers interested in the process which could open the door to new commercial possibilities for Taurus Energy and future licensing of our technology,”says Lars Welin.

The other two companies in the consortium are DYADIC International Inc and ROLKEM.

DYADIC is a global biotech company, headquartered in Florida and with its main research center located in the Netherlands. DYADIC is focusing on discovering, developing and selling enzymes and other proteins for the biotech industry. ROLKEM is a French company which develops and produce phenolic resins.