Taurus XyloFerm® Yeasts Clear EPA Review for Commercial Use

Taurus Energy AB received the welcome notification from EPA that their 90 Day MCAN review (Microbal Commercial Activity Notice) of Taurus XyloFerm® yeasts has been completed without any objections, meaning that Taurus now is allowed to commence commercial production and sales of this product on the US market, beginning June 15, 2015.

The MCAN Review is a requirement for commercial use of a GMO (Gene Modified Organism) classified yeast and regulated by United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Even if the stipulated review time only is 90 days, many months of detailed work and reviews are required to complete the actual submission to EPA.

We are pleased with the decision from EPA. It will open the door for us to participate in the Gen 2 cellulosic ethanol market in the US which has always been a goal for us. I tip my hat to our dedicated staff who has handled this whole review process with excellence, says Lars Welin, CEO of Taurus Energy.

To stimulate further growth of cellulosic ethanol production and help the US to meet its climate goals we hope, together with other leaders in the biofuel industry, that EPA also will leave the Renewable Fuel Standard intact, adds Eddy Christensson, VP Taurus Marketing & Sales, North America.

For further information, please contact:

Lars Welin, CEO, Taurus Energy AB Telephone: + 46 (0)46-286 86 10, e-mail lars.welin@taurusenergy.eu

U.S. Media Contact:

Eddy Christensson

Vice President Sales & Marketing, North America, 952 926-0100